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Ignore a Scratchwork Folder

I wanted to share a small trick that has helped me be a little more productive this year. Here’s the TL;DR: $ echo 'DevScratch/' >> ~/.gitignore $ git config --global core.excludesFile ~/.gitignore # (put some notes and scratchwork in the DevScratch folder of whatever repo I'm in) (Actually I use willtmp, but your name’s probably not Will.) This trick solves a problem that I’ve had with file organization since forever: where do I keep my scratchwork?
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Serving Hugo Site to Local Network

This blog is built with hugo. When I’m working on draft posts, I like to run hugo server so that I can see how they look in a browser right away. Recently, I’ve started modifying the hugo server command to make the post also readable from other devices on my home WiFi network. Having other devices means I can read posts from a phone before they’re published, which helps in two ways: I can make sure things look OK on phone screens, and I can then text the link to my wife so that she can read it when she has a chance; her feedback is super valuable, and letting her read the unpublished posts on her own phone makes getting this valuable feedback easier.
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Lessons from the Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope

The self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) is an important life skill. If you’ve never submitted a piece of writing to a publisher before the entire world was electronic, you may never have had to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Here’s how it worked: You, a poor writer, want to convince some editor to review your work The editor is very busy, and has no time for you or your work So you mail the editor your work in a nice, clean, readable hard copy, and include in the packet a SASE for them use to reply.
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