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Ten Easy Steps to running on iPhone

I know it’s 2024, but I just got a debug build of an iPhone app onto an iPhone. I thought I’d document the process explicitly because, although this process has been around forever, there is a lot of incomplete and confusing information on the web about how to actually get an app on a phone. So now that I’m blessed with the hindsight of seeing “Hello world” on my own little glowing rectangle, I thought I’d share how I did it.
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The Other Kind of Linting

I just fixed a long-standing problem with my iPhone. Beginning about 2 years ago, I noticed that the quality of plugging the phone in was falling considerably. Sometimes it couldn’t charge. Sometimes it wouldn’t connect to the (wired) Apple CarPlay in my Honda. Once I guessed the way home after a giving a tech talk because my phone died and just wouldn’t charge at all. But hey, phones are expensive and a little finicky.
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fly.io feels pretty magical

In a previous post, I talked about migrating an app from free-tier Heroku to AWS AppRunner. At the time, I was working for AWS and seeing CDK typescript in my sleep, so it made sense to try. In this post, I’ll discuss why I am migrating again, this time to fly.io. I want to emphasize at the outset that this is a hobby project. This it not a how-to for putting real, automatic
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